Back to Mozambique: What is the role of arts and culture in a country in transition?

Mozambique is currently at a crossroad - politically, economically and security-wise - and its artists are not the least engaged in the journey coming ahead. While Mozambique has always been a source of mesmerizing experiences for me - travelling to and working time and again in Maputo, Pempa, Lichinga or La Isla has been incomparably inspiring - this time I had a particularly thrilling task to engage on: supporting the Swiss Embassy in reviewing its four-year programme supporting the arts and the culture of Mozambique. 

We explored in what way building a pluralistic, inclusive and vibrant cultural sector may reinforce democratisation processes and the building of an engaged and organised civil society. We also discussed how concretely, creative forms of expression - theatre, poetry, music and dance - could become effective levers for democratisation and peace-building processes. Looking forward, I outlinled several options for a future continuation of the Programme, and will now follow-up with a local expert on framing the journey ahead… So: stay tuned -- more on that in the next few months...

Meanwhile, let me pick this initiative out of so many, and encourage you to support A Mundzuku Ka Hina. For cultural emergency is no less a priority than that of health and food - and the power of words, images and sounds, relevant to any human being. Get inspired by the work of Fabiao or Adilio, children of the Maputo's slums and landfills, and visit

All photos ©A Mundzuku Ka Hina

All photos ©A Mundzuku Ka Hina